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Welcome to Sirius Lookers!

We are an astronomy club in Sedona Arizona. Anyone with an interest of LOOKING UP, is welcome to attend our meetings and public events. WE are a FREE astro-club, no Memberships dues or Fees. To be on our email list, just drop a line at <dennis@siriuslookers.org> with your name, email address, and current phone number.

We meet the third Wednesday each month in the Sedona Public Library located at 3250 White Bear Road Sedona, Arizona 86336. Very often, at the conclusion of the meeting, we may do some observing in the library parking lot for a short while.

Our next scheduled meeting is
NO MEETING in JUNE.- Next Meeting  July, 19th –  AT Sedona Library in (Quiet Meeting Room).- start time of 7pm.

All related to astronomy our club meetings are very casual and touch upon past and current Astro events, star parties, movies..etc.

Next Star Party Events: are as Follows:(Contact) Dennis for Details.

2017 Grand Canyon Star Party – US National Park Service


June 17th thru 24th.

(Free Event- IF You bring binoculars OR Scope to share with Public)

Canyon (Entrance Fee waiver–and Also Camping All week is Free.)-ONLY IF you are involved with Star Party!! Tons of FUN and Unbelievable Night SKIES!! (Contact: Dennis for Details).

Great Total Solar Eclipse of USA August 21st.

ALL info related to Event- in great detail(including where to buy Eclipse Glasses)




Also here… know exactly When Eclipse will happen in Any City!

Time and Date



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