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Welcome: Sirius Lookers!

We are an astronomy club in Sedona Arizona. Anyone with an interest of LOOKING UP, is welcome to attend our meetings and public events. WE are a FREE astro-club, no Memberships dues or Fees. To be on our email list, just drop a line at <dennis@siriuslookers.org> with your name, current email address, and phone number(for contact purposes ONLY).

We meet the third Wednesday each month in the Sedona Public Library located at 3250 White Bear Road Sedona, Arizona 86336. Very often, at the conclusion of the meeting, we may do some observing in the library parking lot for a short while.

Our next scheduled meeting is  –  Sedona Library is still sadly CLOSE for activities.

(Still Tentative. (May be Cancelled) –Sadly Jan 20th, IS Cancel, due to restrictions of Library.
January 20th, at Sedona Public Library  – at 5:00pm –    PLEASE KEEP IN MINE for other SAFETY -To Wear Mask & have Sanitizer On hand during all of our events Thank YOU..

Please NOTE.. Due to obvious crisis at hand, we have a fluid 
tentative schedule. And EVENTS may be cancel,  including 
Meetings, Star Parties, etc.. Please check back here for 
UPDATES.          Thank You.  
Keep Safe, and Healthy during these sensitive times.


All related to astronomy our club meetings are very casual and touch upon past and current Astro events, star parties, movies..etc.

WISHING TO NAME a Star in YOUR NAME Or Family Member, or Friend.. Here you can obtain one FREE of Charge (Below)



 Our NEXT STAR PARTY IS FEB 18th. At my home(Dennis Young), in West Sedona  Using a giant movie screen,(15ft), we will watch the highlighted event of Mars Probe landing!- (7mins of Terror!). NASA has two added components of live(semi-live), video of decent, and also audio thru out the decent stage, Heat shield, Parachute deploy, sky crane, and actual landing! Should be exciting!  Come watch with us on a big screen.  Email me for directions   Listed on this site.                                                     


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