General Astronomy Links

Astronomy Picture of the Day

WISHING TO NAME a Star in YOUR NAME Or Family Member, or Friend.. Here you can obtain one FREE of Charge (Below)

Heavens Above Iridium Flares
along with other up-to-date happenings

Love the Night Sky Homepage


AmSky – the on-line mega-magazine for amateur astronomy

Table of Contents News and Articles from Astronomy Clubs, Newsletters, Articles. News

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Astronomy’:

Amazing Space includes web based activities

International Dark-Sky Association

Map – Dark Site Finder 

Jack Horkheimer : Star Gazer

Jet Propulsion Laboratory


NASA The Space Place  (for kids)

Night Sky Info

Ed Ting’s Scope Reviews — News and information about meteor showers / Auroras…& more…

The Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope Web Site

Space Telescope Science Institute

Clear Sky Clocks

Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

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