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contact the Keep Sedona Beautiful association director..Joanne.
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– International Dark Sky Week is held during the week of the new moon in April. It is a week during which people worldwide turn out their outdoor lights in order to observe the wonders of the night sky without light pollution. It has been endorsed by the International Dark-Sky Association, the American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical League. So go ahead and turn out your outdoor lights this week to appreciate the beauty of the night sky!


Ara Avedissian:   IS A LONG TIME Sirius Looker Member, and one of original members when we started our Astro Club way back in 1994, with Jupiter Impact of Comet Shoemaker/Levy. He has been on many of our astro trips across Arizona, Nevada, and Calif. over past 25yrs. He is a major asset to our club and the many star parties we have had here in Sedona and at the Grand Canyon Star Party as well. Highly Respected by his peers, if you ever need some advice or help with astro projects or questions in general about astronomy he is the person to turn to. Also a true personal astro friend of mine. Our adventures we have had over the years have always been a positive one with many happy smiles under the dark skies of Arizona.      Dennis Young-Acting President of SiriusLookers Club.                                             You can contact him at:




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