Viewing Locations

The Two Trees observing area is between Sedona and Cottonwood off of route 89A. Exit 89A at FR525 to the west. After about 1/3 of a mile(dirt road) there will be a large Y in the road. Take the left branch. This leads in the direction of a radio control RC field. Just prior(about 200ft closer) to reaching the RC field development, is another smaller vacant field on the left.(with turnout) This is where we set up and in some instances camp. Please note that certain areas of Sedona need a Red Rock Pass. For more information on purchasing a Red Rock Pass, click here

Red Rock Pass Program – US Forest Service – USDA

#1 – Best Viewing in Sedona.—SCHNEBLY HILL ROAD OVERLOOK –Excellent (safe) viewing area for stargazing and also has a portable bathroom nearby. Pretty much in heart of Sedona, so easy access whether from uptown, West Sedona, or Village of Oak creek area.            DIRECTIONS :  From the main junction of two highways meet in uptown, –(89a hwy & 179 hwy), turn south onto Hwy 179, and go to next runabout circle,(about 900ft). At runabout, turn onto the Schnebly Hill road and GO about 1mile.  Just BEFORE PAVEMENT ends, & turns into dirt, turn LEFT into the Vista POINT.  At far end is bathroom, and enough cars for 20 vehicles. Popular spot for viewing, no direct light, and have Red Rocks in view for photo opportunity!! And very dark as well!

The Jordan observing area is located in Sedona at end of Jordan Road at the forest service road trail head for hiking and biking . There is an open field with gravel and rocks at the end of a dirt road.
Directions: Travel to uptown Sedona, near Hwy179 and 89aHwy junction. Just north of junction(on 89ahwy), about 1/4mile north bound is traffic light and about 300ft further is Jordan road on the left side of Highway. Turn left and go to very end of Jordan road about 1.2miles. At the T in road, turn left and go about 600ft and you will see a forest service road at end of pavement. The dirt road is about 1/2mile long but does not need a Jeep.(certain areas drive slow), At the end is an open field and parking lot. Observing is on the white gravel OPEN FIELD, at far side of parking lot. Note.. Portable bathroom on near side of parking lot.

Sedona’s elevation is around 4400 feet.

Best DarK Site within 1hr(of Sedona), is Mingus Mtn. Summit.
This site has repeated excellent, transparent, and superb(Seeing) observing. Also great high elevation, 7200 to 7300ft. ALL paved road to Site, and even has portable Bathroom, 60ft away!! Just need a coffee machine, we are in celestial heaven! : ))
Directions: Ok,,from West Sedona, travel west bound on Hwy89a about 20miles until Cottonwood, stay on Hwy89a, going thru Cottonwood, heading towards to Jerome city, another (estimated 8miles). Go thru Jerome and head up the Mtn, of Mingus Mtn. always staying on Hwy89a. A winding pave road now lays ahead until you come to the Summit of Mtn.(Clearly Marked). Once at Top, turn RIGHT off of Hwy89a, and travel another 1/3mile, just (before) the Potatoe Patch CampGrounds (entrance), is a side road. Turn LEFT, here, called WoodChute trail, travel about 400ft, until you come to a large opening, (a big circle drive), this is the site. We usually setup on the rightside of circle once you are there.(3pm of clock).. At 11pm of clock is where the portable bathroom is located. THe WoodChute entrance road that you are coming in on, is at 6pm of a clock. Happy viewing!! questions Dennis at 928 821 3520.                                                                                                               link: for Mingus Mtn. Summit observing site (weather) is below.. at clearskyclock..

or here..


Also the location of the Woodchute Trailhead. Used by the Sirius Lookers, an astronomy Club in Sedona.


Stoneman Lake is a very dark site at 6900 feet.(We havent viewed here in many years, due to distant, harsh road(7miles of dirt), over 1hr drive from Sedona. However if you like to still see it. Driving directions are available here.


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